Making a new mark in Tattoo Aftercare


We were approached by a company who had perfected a range of vegan friendly and cruelty-free Tattoo Aftercare products. However, they were still without a brand name, a marketing plan or a route to market. What they did know though, is that they wanted to set about disrupting the sector.


After extensive ‘digging about’ within the market we created the strong bold PimpdINK brand (complete with a cool Squid!) and identified the proposition as ‘Protect Your Identity’. Tattoos are very personal and have a meaning way beyond just the ink. This was a mission to educate all the tattoo lovers out there, that daily care for your tattoo is the essential way to protect the investment you’ve made into your unique identity. But the real hook was, we’re not only here to protect your beloved ink, but and that of the work of those talented, mind-blowing, tattoo artists globally - because your tattoo is theirs as much as it is yours. So once we got those guys onside, we had a direct route to market.


- 250K+ imprints on social media.

- 10K+ visit to the website in month 1.

- 50+ listings with independent tattoo artists.

- 1 Ink-redibly happy client.

“I approached these guys with an inkling of an idea and not much experience in launching a product. And before I knew it, I had an amazing brand, with a great social strategy, slick website and a unique way of selling it to the tattoo artists too!”

- Simon Kemplay, CEO. PimpdINK.