Keeping a superbrand red hot (and cool!)

Although Thermos® is synonymous within the sector we needed to future proof this iconic brand and take them through our rigorous Rise&Shine* brand and proposition development process.

We needed to discover exactly where they were in the market and provide a thorough exploration into the very fabric of the brand and those open to embracing it. We needed new and relevant insights enabling us to find that nugget to communicate with the right consumer, at the right time in a personalised manner across all channels.


We carried out a full audit of all channels including all competitors to fully understand strengths and weaknesses and discover opportunities.

Our data and insight driven process discovered Thermos needed to reposition and find their white space.

We also set benchmarks for future success and set the strategy - a plan for Tomoro, clearly articulated and outlining the job needed to be done and how it would be activated with effectiveness and efficiency. 

We created and deployed new guidelines, personas, measurement criteria, benchmarking, the brand archetype and much more.


- New strapline.

- New brand bible including strategy story, brand wheel, brand house, communication pillars, Value Proposition, Long & Short Story, Brand Archetype.

- New brand guidelines- New audience personas

- 1 completely thrilled client!

“As we look to further consolidate our position as market leader, a strategic objective is to appeal to a younger demographic as well as to our loyal, tried and trusted audience. To do this, we needed to future proof our brand, proposition, marketing and digital ecosystem and that’s why we appointed Tomoro Agency.

Nina Jaynes, Head of marketing at Thermos.